Organisation structure

Department of General Competencies

Characteristics of the department

The Department of General Education Subjects provides the teaching of Latin, foreign languages and physical education in all study programs. It is divided into the Institute of Languages and the Institute of Physical Education.

Institute of Languages

The Institute of Languages in pedagogical activities focuses on the teaching of basic Latin terminology, the basic minimum of Latin grammar, the mastering of the Latin-Greek terms of all study programs.

The aim of foreign language teaching (English and German) is to master professional terminology, to work with specialized texts, and to acquire speech and language competencies in the field that students are studying. In addition, the Institute of Languages also provides teaching of Slovak for foreign students. The aim of Slovak language teaching for foreign students is to master basic grammar rules and conversational topics. The purpose is to help foreign students communicate in everyday life in our country. Teachers of the Institute participate in the selection of postgraduate students for study, mainly by examining their foreign language knowledge (English, German). Foreign Language Teachers give specialist language seminars for PhD students. The department develops contacts with home and foreign partners (in the Czech Republic and Bulgaria) within the framework of the "Teacher Mobility". Teachers work on the writing of specialized articles, the creation of teaching materials and textbooks focused on the professional foreign language preparation of students, and provide professional consultations in the field of professional foreign language communication and professional terminology.

Teachers take part in home and foreign conferences to increase their professional qualifications. As part of the scientific and research activities teachers of the Institute participate in various projects implemented at the UVMP as well as at other universities in Slovakia.

Institute of Physical Education

The Institute of Physical Education creates organizational and material conditions for the provision of physical activities for students and, as far as possible, for the employees of the UVMP. By classifying the subject Physical Education into a group of optional subjects, the philosophy of understanding the physical activities of students changed in terms of personal awareness of their needs as part of psychohygiene and the harmonious development of personality during the study. Physical education as an optional subject is designed for students of all grades and branches of study in full-time form with the possibility of using the professional help of teachers