Registration days of the academic year 2022/2023

UVMP in Košice reserves the right to make changes in the announced schedule of the academic year with regard to safety and preventive measures related to the spread of COVID-19 infection or other serious events.


    Combination of electronic (AIS) form and attendance (in person) form between September 12 and September 16, 2022. Detailed information will be issued separately closer to the date.


    1. Registration to the following year of study in the academic year 2022/2023 will be electronic, online through AIS system.
    2. Each student is required to complete electronic registration in AIS in the period from August 29, 2022 until September 4, 2022. Only after completion of registration, students become eligible for participation in all forms of education, receive credits, graded credits, and take exams.
    3. Instructions on electronic registration in AIS are here.
    4. Only students who meet requirements for registration into the following/higher year of study according to UVMP Study Guidelines, Article 21, are allowed to complete the electronic registration. Mentioned requirements have to be met by August 31, 2022. Students who will fail to meet the requirements are recommended to withdraw from the study otherwise their studies will be terminated.
    5. By completion and confirmation of electronic registration finalization, students are closing the previous academic year 2021/2022 and are not able to achieve any further study results and evaluations. Before you complete and finalize the electronic registration, make sure that all grades you achieved are recorded in AIS.
    6. As part of the registration, students are obliged to pay the first instalment of their tuition fee for the academic year 2022/2023 together with other study related fees consisting of registration fee, insurance fee and ISIC card renewal fee. Fees are to be paid according to the individual student’s payment orders available in AIS.
    7. ISIC card is currently valid until September 30, 2022. Renewal will be made during September upon payment of ISIC card renewal fee. Students will be notified about the procedure.
    8. Together with electronic registration, students are obliged to create their registration form of subjects for the following academic year and register for subjects in line with the recommended study plan in the particular study programme and year of study. By this students determine which subjects and portion of obligations they intend to complete in the following study period.

    1. Creation of registration form for the academic year and registration for subjects is allowed during the same period as electronic registration.
    2. Students are required to register for subjects of the whole academic year, both winter and spring/summer semester.
    3. Students can register only for subjects for which they have already completed prerequisites.
    4. Students register for subjects in such total credit value and of such type (compulsory, compulsory optional, and optional) so that criteria for the continuation with their study are met in each stage of the study evaluation:
      • In line with the recommended study plan in the particular study programme and year of study, students are obliged to register for compulsory subjects and certain number of compulsory optional subjects (unless specified otherwise, students usually register for two compulsory optional subjects, one for winter and one for spring/summer semester). Optional subjects are available too.
      • To help students decide which compulsory optional subject to choose, course information letters are available in AIS.
    5. By completing registration for a particular subjects, it becomes mandatory to attend, even if it is compulsory optional subject and the student has already received or will receive enough credits.
    6. Students are not allowed to attend a subject they have not registered for.
    7. Registration for diploma thesis in the 3rd and 4th is only option, don’t register for it unless you wish to find yourself a topic and start working on it. For students who are not already registered for a topic, diploma thesis and bachelor thesis become mandatory in the winter semester of the 5th year and 3rd year respectively in order to complete study within standard duration.
    8. Students of the 5th and 6th year register also for state examinations.