General admission requirements
  • Full upper secondary education or full specialised upper secondary education qualification entitling the applicant to higher education study, attested by certificate (for example, General Certificate of Education, Matriculation Certificate, Certificate for Upper Secondary Education and Training, International Baccalaureate Diploma, Leaving Certificate, etc.)
  • Written entrance examination from subjects Biology and Chemistry (examination dates to be found here)
  • Written confirmation on work in organizations related to chosen study programme, i.e. work with private veterinarians – such confirmation is optional, but if sent together with application, is evaluated 5 points on top of points gained from entrance exams)
Information for applicants with unfinished upper secondary education at the time of application
Applicants who have not completed their upper secondary education at the time of application need to e-mail to the Study Office (zas@uvlf.sk) copies of their up to date study records (i.e. transcripts or any other relevant documents). After positive preliminary evaluation of their eligibility to study and successful passing of entrance examination, they may be conditionally accepted to study at UVMP. After the conditional acceptance to study, applicant‘s officially verified and certified original of high school leaving certificate must be delivered to the Study Office prior to the registration day in September.