Organisation structure

Editorial Centre and Bookshop

Print Services and Graphic Design

Graphic preparation and print services are offered by the Editorial Centre and Bookshop, which is the spacial facility of the university. The facility is a part of the University library located in the university library building on the ground floor. The Editorial Centre and Bookshop offers more comprehensive services not only to staff and university students, but also to the general public.

Prior to printing, black and white prints on the printing press, facility offers the possibility of pre-print service, wrapping and graphic processing of textbooks, scripts, books, monographs, annual reports, inaugural works, habilitation works and other materials.

The DUPLO DF-915 is a new device in the Editorial Centre and Bookshop, which has a wide use in the folding of different paper formats and types, various promotional materials for conferences, prints, newspapers, invitations, drawings, newsletters, greetings, packaging, etc. There is also offer of many bonding options from glued to spin and sewing.

The Editorial Centre and Bookshop provides binding of bachelor and diploma theses.

Offered services - graphic design:

  • Small graphics
  • More demanding graphics
  • Design of flyer A5 (preparation for printing)
  • Design of flyer A4 (preparation for printing)
  • Design of flyer A3 (preparation for printing)
  • Design of boards, banners ...
  • Design of business cards, invitations, announcements ...
  • Editing of electronic scripts, etc.

Offered printing services:

  • Folding
  • Black and white Pront
  • Color Print
  • Glued bond

Prices can be found at in the price list of goods, services and works of UVMP in Košice (in the Editorial Centre and Bookshop part (SK: Edičné stredisko a predajňa literatúry)):