General information for applicants

Frequently asked Questions

Why study at the UVMP in Košice?
Students are particularly attracted by high level of practical preparation and permanent contact with animals, not only at the university five clinics but also at the University farm, at the University facility for breeding and diseases of game, fish and bees, or at the Equestrian centre.

Students of which nationalities study at the UVMP in Košice?
Students mainly from Norway, Great Britain, Ireland, Iceland, Greece, Sweden, France, Malta, Cyprus, USA, Israel, Finland, Canada, Hongkong, Germany and other countries from all over the world study at the UVMP in Košice.

What is the minimal required education to become a student of the UVMP in Košice?
Only students with completed secondary school education are accepted. Its completion has to be demonstrated by relevant certificates.

I have been informed that I will be able to apply before I have completed my secondary education. Is that true?
Applicants who will not complete their secondary school education before the application deadline need to send to the Study Office by e-mail at least copies of their up-to-day study records (e.g. academic transcripts or any other relevant documents).
However, authorized copy of high school leaving certificate of each applicant needs to be fully submitted prior to the registration to the university.

Are high school results also a factor evaluated in the UVMP admission procedure, and what other elements are also important in the evaluation and admission procedure?
Secondary school grades are considered, however, they are not included in the official conditions of admission.
For more information please see description of entrance exams on the UVMP website.

When does the application process begin and what do I need for the application?
Application process usually begins in October. You can find all necessary information about application process on the UVMP website.

How long does it take to get results of the entrance exam?
You will receive an email about acceptance/non-acceptance within 5 working days and via post within 30 calendar days from the date of the entrance exam.

If I take the entrance exam in the middle of July/August to start the programme in September, do I only know of a confirmed place once I take the exam?
Students are notified of the results via e-mail within 5 days after the exam and in case of a positive result they receive an acceptance letter.
Such letter is official confirmation of their acceptance to the university.

I would like to transfer from another veterinary university. Would any of the exams I have taken be recognised and would I be offered any exemptions from certain subjects?
Recognition of exams and subsequent exemptions from them is determined by the UVMP management after the applicant presents us with full academic transcript of their previous studies.
Recognition and exemptions are judged individually on the case-by-case basis. For more information please see transfer conditions on the UVMP website.

 What are requirements for apostillization and why is this important?
Notary authorized copy of the apostilled secondary school leaving certificate and its notary authorized translation by a court translator to Slovak language are required.
It is a legal requirement of the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic.
Background and other details are summarized in information about application process on the UVMP website.

Is there a possibility for me to get any financial support for my studies?
Students are advised to apply for grants or loans in their home countries.
Conditions for such financial support from Slovak organisations might prove to be difficult to fulfill.

Do you have any open days or days to view the UVMP campus before I apply?
The Study Office organises for applicants tours around the university campus.
You can choose your preferred date from the available calendar on the UVMP website. Please inform the Study Office of your intended arrival.

How are dormitory rooms furnished?
Each student room is equipped with two single beds, a desk, a wardrobe, fridge/freezer and a bathroom sink. Internet access is also included in the monthly rent.
There are about twenty rooms on each floor and students share a common kitchen, four toilets and three showers on each floor.
Shared laundry rooms with washing machines are also available.

Would my parents have permission to stay at the dormitory with me at the beginning of my studies?
Internal student accomodation guidelines are being currently reviewed.
Applicants should contact directly the Study Office for more information to see if it can be arranged.