Scientific-research activity

Research activity of the University of veterinary medicine and pharmacy in Košice (UVMP) is organized on the basis of departments, clinics, and centres of excellence in accordance with the long-term aim UVMP for the years 2018-2023. The aim of scientific-research activity, in the sense of the current long-term intention of the UVMP achieve a qualitative level of research and development activities corresponding to the research university of European standards in the priority areas of research activity of the university at the level of international acceptance with the perspective of ensuring the continuity of its development and in the framework of the developing concept of "one world, one health".

In view of the above, the scientific-research activity at the university is carried out in the context of that concept, linking veterinary and human medicine, food hygiene, environmental protection and pharmacy in the areas of research (AR):

  • AR 13 the science of living nature,
  • AR 18 medical and pharmaceutical sciences,
  • AR 20 vet science

Research activity in the framework of these areas of mutually interwoven and profiled in particular in the following areas:

  • Health and morbidity of animals using methods of molecular biology in the area of diagnostics, therapy and prevention of diseases of infectious and non-infectious nature, as well as to define a predisposition to diseases;
  • Regenerative medicine invasive and non-invasive treatment procedures at the level of knowledge of the world of science;
  • Application procedures in molecular biology for the production of sanitary safe food, with particular regard to zoonoses;
  • Environmental quality from the point of view of the security health of the animal and human population;
  • the use of biologically active peptides, pharmacogenetic and toxicological interactions, the development of high quality and stable dosage forms, medicinal plants and extracts, the synergistic effect of secondary metabolites of plants and products of the probiotic bacteria to inhibit the biofilm forming pathogens.

Scientific research activity at the university is based on scientific grants of national scientific agencies as well as international research projects in the programmes COST, LIFE, Visegrad fund, as well as the orders of foreign companies. UVMP in Košice was in the year 2017 successful in obtaining an EU project of the grant scheme Horizon 2020 no 765423 – MANN – H2020-MSCA-ITN-2017: Joint Doctorate in Molecular Animal Nutrition as a partner.