General information for applicants

Payments & Fees

Fees concerning the entrance exams:

Application fee
50 €
Applicants who cancel their application or do not participate in the entrance exams will not receive a refund of their fees.

Tuition fee per academic year:

Animal Science
5 500 €
Veterinary Nurse
5 500 €
General Veterinary Medicine
8 950 €
Registration for the academic year is conditional upon the proof of payment of the university fees (which are annually approved by the Academic Senate of UVMP in Košice and announced in the Internal Regulation No. 38).
Payments are made by bank transfer and proof of payment should take the form of a payment certificate.
Tuition fee can be paid in maximum of two equal instalments – the first one has to be paid prior to the registration day stipulated for the given academic year, the second one has to be paid prior to the end of the education period of the first semester of the given academic year.

University bank account details:

Account holder: Univerzita veterinárskeho lekárstva a farmácie v Košiciach
Bank details: Štátna pokladnica, Radlinského 32, 810 05 Bratislava 15, Slovakia
Account number: 7000072188/8180
IBAN: SK71 8180 0000 0070 0007 2188
Message for the recipient: full name of the applicant
(Message for the recipient is used to identify the owner of payment, please make sure you include it when making payment)

Fees concerning the study:

Student’s ISIC card
25 €
Student’s ISIC card renewal
17 €
Transcript of study records for undergraduate students
10 €
Transcript of study records and/or study confirmation letters for graduates
50 €
Record book of clinical and professional practice
full price
3 €
Additional AIS entries outside the time frame
10 €
Registration fee for newly accepted students
200 €
Registration fee for the following year of study
5 €

Fees concerning the graduation:

Graduation ceremony
full price

Fees concerning the duplicates:

35 €
Bilingual Diploma
70 €
Certification of the State exams
35 €
Supplement to the Diploma
35 €
Student’s ISIC card (due to loss, damage, …)
18 €
Student’s ISIC card (due to theft, upon confirmation from the police)
11 €