Applicants with Specific Needs

As applicants with Specific Needs (SN) are considered those with: 

  • sensory, physical and multiple disabilities, 
  • chronic illness,
  • health impairment, 
  • psychological illness, 
  • autism or other pervasive developmental disorders, 
  • learning disabilities.

The applicant with Specific Needs, together with the Application form, submits The Application for the modification of the form and method of conducting the entrance examination with regard to their Specific Needs.
Applicant with SN submits for the purposes of the assessment of their SN and scope of support services for study the following:

  • a medical certificate not older than three months (medical finding, disease and disability progress report or medical certificate or other medical report),
  • standpoint of a psychologist, a speech therapist or a special pedagogue.

If verification of competency for the study comprises also the entrance examination, Rector in cooperation with Coordinator for students with SN determine the form of entrance examination and the method of its execution for the applicant with SN who requested consideration of SN, with regard to his/her SN. In this, modification of admission procedure shall deviate from the standard procedure as little as possible. During entrance examination it is required that questions are based on such written materials and such work procedures are supposed, which will enable applicants with SN to participate in admission procedure on equal terms.
Applicant with SN is informed about the modification of the admission procedure through Rector's decision on support of the applicant to study.

If the National Comparative Exam is part of the admission procedure, the applicant with SN contacts company organizing these tests which will enable him/her to perform these tests, with regard to his/her individual SN. Attention is drawn to the deviations of the admission procedure from the standard procedure to the smallest possible extent.

More information on Support services for Applicants with Specific Needs can be obtained personally at the Study Office.

Contact – Administrator for students with Specific Needs
Mgr. Lenka Onda
+421 915 984 004

      Application for modification of entrance examination based on specific needs