Instructions for submission of theses

Before the thesis is submitted:

Students have to convert the final version of their thesis with appendices to PDF and save it on electronic medium (CD). CD has to be password-protected against copying, labelled with name, surname, title of the thesis and abbreviation of study programme (JSP or GVM). Students have to print all necessities according to further instructions.

Inserting theses into the Central Register of Theses and Dissertations (CRZP) via AIS:

Students insert their theses into the Central Register of Theses and Dissertations (CRZP) via AIS from January 15, 2020. Instructions for inserting the theses into AIS are found in AIS, section called „Manuals".

Students submit their thesis to the Study Office in the following period:

General Veterinary Medicine
JSP Animal Science
from January 15, 2020 to April 3, 2020

For successful submission of the thesis it is necessary to bring:

  • One hardback copy of the thesis prepared in line with Instructions for the preparation of the theses, with labelled and password-protected CD attached to the back cover page.
  • From Academic Information System (AIS):
    • one copy of printed and signed tutor's assessment,
    • in case of cooperation with a consultant, one copy of printed and signed consultant's assessment,
    • printed and signed licence agreement for the university and licence agreement for CRZP, each in two copies,
    • students who restrict access to their thesis in the licence agreement for the university, have to submit printed and signed Declaration on the providing of school work without the possibility to make the work accessible, in two copies,
    • students who have already published or intend to publish their theses, have to submit Solemn declaration on the publication of the final thesis in a periodical or non-periodical publication, in one copy.

Students who wish to print their thesis in the Editorial Centre and Bookshop of the UVMP in Košice:

Students who wish to print and bind their thesis in hard cover with the university logo or in soft cover (only for personal use) must submit an electronic medium from January 15, 2020 to April 1, 2020. To guarantee the continuity of printing, it is necessary to bring the electronic medium in advance, not on the last day!

Colour of the thesis cover:

bachelor work:
dark green, font color: gold
diploma (doctoral) work:
blue (royal blue), font color: gold
Streaked colour is not allowed!

Important notification:

Code and evidence number of thesis, assigned by the ÚVIK (University Library), will be available via official student e-mail account from January 2020. Title of the submitted thesis must be identical with the title of the thesis in AIS!

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