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AIS is a complex information system used for management of your studies – creating an enrolment list of subjects, registering for an examinations, keeping record of your grades, evaluating subjects and teachers, course information letters, etc.

It is an important part of the study life. For guidance, you can use section Manuals in AIS or ask at the Study Office.

Log in and password extension:
At the beginning of the studies each student is given log in data to AIS (unique username and default password) at registration to the university. Students are required to change the default password after the first entry and such password is active for one year (expiration period). Students have to renew the password (change it again) before the end of expiration period, because they will lose access to their account. Access to the account will be also blocked for using an incorrect password 3 times in a row. In both cases, students need to contact the Study Office.


At the beginning of your studies you are assigned your own official university e-mail account, which you are required to use for communication within the university, e.g. Study Office, teachers, fellow students, etc.

The use of this account is mandatory.

One of the advantages of this account is that you have access to the university e-mail contact directory (list of UVMP e-mail addresses); you just need to know the surname of a person you want to send an e-mail to. Some teachers send you study results directly from AIS to this account.

For any issues with the e-mail account you need to contact the IT Department directly.


The Slovak Republic is bound by the Directive 2005/36/EC on recognition of professional qualifications. The Directive divided the recognition of documents on previous education according to the purpose of recognition on recognition of previous education for academic purposes (i.e. recognition of previous education in order to continue in education in the Slovak Republic) or for pursuing a so called non regulated profession; and recognition of previous education for pursuing a so called regulated profession in the Slovak Republic (e.g. barrister, dentist, vet, university teacher, psychologist, policeman, carpenter, etc.).

According to the legislation in force, foreign qualifications giving access to higher education in Slovak Republic are recognised by a competent district office seated in one of the regional capitals.

During the process of nostrification, leaving certificates and diplomas issued by foreign schools are examined in terms of equivalence of the scope and content of education obtained abroad with the corresponding study programme in Slovak Republic. Completed application form for recognition of education must be submitted together with copy of the identification document, certified copy of the leaving certificate or diploma, transcript of completed courses and completed exams, in a case of vocational secondary education, a confirmation issued by the secondary school about the scope of practical education. The original educational documentation must be authenticated (apostilled or superlegalised) by a competent body of the state in question and its certified copy must be translated into Slovak.

The department of education of the district office considers the application within 30 days after its receipt. If the application doesn’t include all the required documentation, the district authority interrupts the process and prompts the applicant to submit the missing documents or to correct any found deficiencies. After the receipt of a complete application, the district office decides within two months about the recognition of the educational document, its refusal or about a prescription of a differential exam.

In case that the study in a foreign school corresponds to the curricula of secondary schools in Slovakia only partially, the district office could lay down the obligation to take a differential exam. It is meant to verify the knowledge and skills of the applicant in subjects, or in their parts, which were not studied by the applicant in a foreign school and which have a direct relation to the applicant’s profile or the field of study pursued. A graduate, who is not a Slovak national, doesn’t have to take a supplementary examination in the Slovak Language and Literature. The district office determines the content, the exact date of examination and the secondary school, where the graduate shall take the differential exam.

All students are guided through the nostrification process by the Study Office at the UVMP in Košice.


Foreign students are obliged to have health insurance coverage (public or individual) during their stay in the Slovak Republic.

An EU/EEA/Swiss national insured in another Member State has to present the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) to the health care provider in order to prove his/her entitlement to the medical treatment upon his/her health insurance in another EU/EEA Member State or Switzerland. Third country nationals without a permanent residence in the Slovak Republic have to arrange a commercial health insurance which is necessary and mandatory for any foreign resident.

The healthcare system in Slovakia falls under the competence of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic. An initial medical examination in case of an illness is provided by state or private general practitioners (“všeobecný lekár”). Everybody can choose a general practitioner who usually provides basic health care and can refer a patient to an appropriate specialist for further medical examination or treatment.

In general, you don’t need an appointment to see a general practitioner. It is advisable to arrive early in the morning/at the beginning of the doctor’s office hours in order to join a waiting list for that particular day. If you need to see a specialist, you have to ask your general practitioner for a referral card first, unless the specialist is a dentist, a gynaecologist, a psychiatrist, a dermatologist or an ophthalmologist (only in case of glasses prescription), otherwise, the specialist won’t admit you. The referral card is only necessary for the first consultation.

The use of healthcare services may be covered either by a direct payment (usually cash, or using a card, if available) or by the health insurance. In case you are covered by the health insurance (you may be asked to demonstrate it by showing your health insurance card or another relevant document to a nurse/doctor), the health care provided will be in full or partially paid for by the insurance company. In case the health insurance company covers the service only partially, you will be required to pay the rest directly to the health care provider.

General practitioner for students at the UVMP:
 Mária Szabariová, MD

Cesta pod Hradovou 13 (blue dormitory)
+421 55 632 15 63


EU/EEA/Swiss national

If an EU/EEA/Swiss national intends to stay in Slovakia for less than three months, he/she is obliged only to submit the notice of stay to the foreign police office within 10 working days since his/her arrival to Slovakia. This is usually made by the accommodation provider, if the person stays in a hotel, hostel or dormitory. If accommodated in private (e.g. in a private rented flat or at a friends’ place), the EU/EEA/Swiss national is obliged to submit the notice of stay in person directly at the respective foreign police office. After this period of three months is over, EU/EEA/Swiss national is obliged to apply for registration of residence in the Slovak Republic within next 30 days.

If an EU/EEA/Swiss national knows or assumes immediately after his/her arrival in the Slovak Republic that he would reside in the Slovak Republic for longer than three months, he/she may apply for the registration of residence immediately and thus fulfil the obligation to submit the notice of stay at the same time (of course only providing he/she does so within the period of 10 working days). It is not necessary to submit the notice of stay first within the period of 10 working days and then apply for the registration of residence.

What do you need for the report of stay?

If staying in private, come in person to the foreign police office during the office hours and present the following:

  • filled in form “Notice of the stay”,
  • valid ID/passport.

What do you need for the registration of residence for EU/EEA/Swiss nationals?

Come in person to the foreign police office during the office hours and present the following:

  • filled in form “Application for registration of right of residence of Union Citizen”,
  • valid ID/passport,
  • a document proving the purpose of your stay in Slovakia, i.e. confirmation of study or admission to university,
  • statutory declaration of sufficient financial resources (for not becoming a person in need).

If interested in obtaining a Residence card of an EU citizen, you are required to submit also the following documents:

  • two recent coloured photographs 3 x 3.5 cm
  • a document in Slovak proving provision of accommodation (e.g. confirmation from your accommodation provider or a rental agreement and the letter of ownership)
  • fee 4.50 EUR for the issue of an EU national residence card

Although the Act on the Residence of Foreigners establishes only a possibility (not an obligation) to apply for the issue of an EU national residence card, you need to know that this document makes a foreigner’s life significantly easier, especially when dealing with authorities, such as banks, insurance companies, etc.

Third country national

Studentsfrom third countries staying in Slovakia longer than 90 days apply for temporary residence permit for the purpose of study. You have to apply in person abroad at the Slovak embassy or at a respective foreign police office in Slovakia. Your application may be accepted at the foreign police office in Slovakia only if you are staying in Slovakia legitimately. You have to submit a complete application; otherwise it will not be accepted and you will be notified in writing of the documents you need to further enclose. If the temporary residence permit is granted, the police department will send the applicant a written notice, stating the effective and expiry date.

Complete application consists of the following documents:

  • filled in application form “Application for the temporary residence”
  • 2 recent full-face photographs 3 x 3.5 cm
  • valid passport
  • a document in Slovak language as a proof of purpose of your stay, i.e. confirmation of study or admission to university
  • a document in Slovak language valid as a proof of sufficient financial resources for the stay (e.g. balance statement of a bank account in the name of the applicant, letter of award stating the amount of your scholarship, confirmation of the statutory body of a legal entity of the financial and material support of the applicant during his/her stay, etc.)
  • extract from your criminal record with apostille or superlegalisation from your country of origin and every country where you have stayed for more than 90 days within the last 3 years during 6 consecutive months (if any), extract from the criminal record has to be translated to Slovak language by an official sworn translator
  • fee 4.50 EUR for the issue of a residence card
  • foreigners studying at a university in Slovakia do not have to enclose a confirmation of accommodation

None of the documents proving the purpose of stay, financial resources and no criminal record can be older than 90 days on the day of filing the application for temporary residence.

In case of applying for renewal of temporary residence it is not necessary to submit a document proving no criminal record. A third country national files the application for renewal of temporary residence in person on an official form at a foreign police office on the last day when the temporary residence is valid at the latest.

Within 30 days from the delivery of the application and all required documents, the foreign police office shall either issue a decision on the received application for a temporary residence permit, or, if the foreign police office grants the application for temporary residence, the decision is not issued but a written notification of granting the temporary residence is sent to the foreigner. The confirmation that they have received the application has to be kept. The residence permit is issued in a form of a residence card. You have to collect the residence permit at the foreign police office in person.

When you get your residence permit, the foreign police office will ask you to submit within 30 days from collecting the residence card a medical certificate that you do not suffer from any exotic disease threatening the public health. The certificate cannot be older than 30 days.

The police department will issue the temporary residence for the purpose of study for the expected time of study, but at the longest for 6 years. With the view of allowing job seeking in the territory of the Slovak Republic, the temporary residence permit for the purpose of study remains valid for 30 days following the duly completion of study at a university or following the successful final examination.