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The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of UVMP in Košice as a public university is a body which, within its remit laid down by the Higher Education Act, supports the links between the university and the society. It promotes public interest in the activities of the university, particularly in connection with the use of its assets and funds granted to the university by the state. The Board of Trustees of UVMP in Košice was established in October 2002.

The Board of Trustees has 14 members, who are appointed and dismissed by the Minister of Education of the Slovak Republic. Six members of the Board are selected by the Minister after a prior opinion of the Rector. Another six members of the Board are proposed for appointment by the Rector, with the consent of the AS of the UVMP in Košice. One member of the Board is proposed to the Minister for appointment by the staff representatives of the AS and one member by the student representatives of the AS.

The Board of Trustees comprise primarily representatives of the public life, entrepreneurial area, territorial self-government and representatives of central bodies of the state administration responsible for education, financing, economy and social area. Members of the Board of Trustees may not be UVMP employees, except those appointed by the AS. A proposal for dismissal of a member of the Board of Trustees is presented to the Minister by the body which has proposed his/her appointment. In the case of the Board members proposed by the Rector, their dismissal may be proposed also by the AS. The Board members who have been selected for appointment by the Minister may be dismissed by the Minister only at his/her own discretion.

The rules of procedure of the Board of Trustees are regulated by its statute, approved by the Minister at the Rector's proposal after the consent of the AS. The meetings of the Board of Trustees are called by its Chairman at least twice a year. The meetings of the Board of Trustees are open to the public.

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Members of The Board of Trustees

Tadeusz Frackowiak, Ing.
Dušan Gažovský, JUDr.
Stanislav Hreha, Ing., PhD.
Miroslav Martinček, DVM
Ladislav Stodola, DVM
Jana Venhartová, JUDr.