Organisation structure

Equestrian centre

Capacity and Services

Equestrian centre has::

  • housing capacity for 60 horses,
  • grassy parkour for horse jumping (100 x 80 m) with the arbitration tower, sanitary facilities, space for buffet and tribune for approximately 2000 viewers,
  • covered riding hall (58 x 18 m) with a special sandy surface,
  • open outdoor covered hall with a sandy surface (72 x 41 m),
  • grassy paddocks for horses,
  • building with office, changing rooms, oilets, showers and a multifunctional room.

Services provided::

  • housing and care for horses,
  • providing of horse carriage,
  • horse rental,
  • rental of premises for corporate events (International Childrens day, teambuilding, etc.),
  • horse riding school, • buying, selling and training of horses,
  • horse riding,
  • excursions and educational walks associated with a mini zoo tour and horse riding.