Organisation structure

Equestrian centre


Equestrian centre of the University of Veterinary medicine and Pharmacy in Košice (UMMP) was built in the 70 years of the 20th century. It was open in 1975, when the Czechoslovak championship in the horse parkur jumping took place here. The equestrian centre was not completely finished, but thanks to UVP it still serves its original purpose.

The merit on the built of the equstrian centre had mainly Ing. Jozef Kubašovský, then deputy chairman of the East Slovak Regional Authority and initiator of the idea František Oberle. Because Sport unity of the East Slovakian Steelworks withdrawed operation of the equestrian centre in the eighties, the complex was taken over by the city of Košice and in the years 1983-1984 the operation was carried out by the riding club TJ Záhradník Košice, which extinquished from financial reasons. The city therefore prepared a new project, which was not further considered using the equestrian centre for sport purposes. The use of the equestrian centre should be targeted for the agriculture-related purposes of the Semenary State property Šaca. Štefan Karahuta, DVM, addressed academic J. O. Vrtiak, then rector of the Veterinary College in Košice and with his permission requested Ing. Rudolf Schuster then the mayor of Košice town not to subit the proposal for a negotiation. Their merit was that the equestrian centre became the property of the Veterinary College in Košice and the veterinarians have gradually moved during the years 1985 – 1986 to te equestrian centre.

The unfinished parts of the equestrian centre, due to the non-approval did not become the property of UMMP, and therefore remained in the possession of the city of Košice.

Until today, UVMP despite the difficult financial conditions retained the original purpose and maintained the activity of this centre not only for the students of UVMP, but also for sport activities and for the inhabitants of the city or the wide surroundings of Košice.