Organisation structure

Clinic of Horses

Characteristics of the workplace

The clinic of horses is a multifunctional scientific and pedagogical workplace with a focus on the diagnosis, therapy and prevention of horse diseases. It covers issues of internal medicine, orthopedics, surgery, reproduction, imaging techniques, anesthesiology. Horses are referred to the clinic by a veterinarian or are ordered directly by the owner. The clinic provides a 24-hour emergency medical service.

Clinic of Horses provides:
  • 24-hour operability for horses with colic and other urgent conditions
  • Hospitalization of a patient with 24-hour professional supervision
  • Surgical and orthopedic examination and treatment of horses
  • Examination and treatment of internal diseases of horses
  • Reproduction service for mares (cold and deep-frozen semen insemination, early diagnosis of pregnancy)
  • Comprehensive examination of the horse before purchase
  • Periodic and orthopedic submission of horses
  • Advisory service for the breeding community