Organisation structure

Small Animal Clinic

Characteristics of the Workplace

The Clinic of Small Animals provides the following expertise: Professional counseling, diagnostics and therapy of dogs and cats, according to the following specializations:

Acute medicine and anesthesiology

  • laboratory monitoring of acute and hospitalized patients - haematological examination, biochemical examination, acid-base profile
  • hospitalization - continuous monitoring and therapy of hospitalized patients
  • postoperative care
  • care for acute patients, first aid

Dermatology, endocrinology

  • basic diagnostic protocol of skin diseases (skin scratch, cytological examination, bacteriological and mycological cultivation)
  • specific allergen-diagnostic ( intradermal skin test)
  • specific endocrinological diagnostics
  • specific laboratory diagnostics
  • biopsy of the skin for histopathological examination


  • diagnosis of liver disease including functional tests, thin-skin aspirations and transcutaneous liver biopsy
  • endoscopic examination
  • ultrasonographic examination

Surgery of soft tissues


  • electrocardiography
  • echocardiography (ultrasound scan of heart and measurement in B and M mode)


  • neurosurgical procedures on the spine and the spinal cord


  • basic neurological examination
  • Epileptologie
  • geriatric neurological patients
  • dog behavioral disorders

Ophthalmology – complete eye examination and surgery in all animal species

  • direct and indirect ophthalmoscopy
  • Gonioscopy • Electoretinography
  • PLR – colorimetry
  • laser therapy of the eye tumor, glaucoma and retina ablation
  • Cryotherapy of the eye fundus camera
  • measurement of eye pressure
  • USG eye
  • Certificates for hereditary eye diseases/ EESVO
  • Surgical treatment of ERU/ cyclosporine implants
  • Cyclosporine implants in dogs with autoimmune eye diseases
  • All kinds of macro and microsurgical procedures on the eye and adnexa
  • Including: cataract surgery, intraocular implant, corneal transplantation


  • Sampling for cytological examination
  • Preparation of chemotherapeutic and cytostatic treatment in laminar box and also the use of chemotherapists and cytostatics
  • Soft operations on soft tissues
  • Determination of oncarkers
  • Consultation of owners of oncology patients


  • surgical procedures at bones and joints TTA Rapid, Extraarticular stabilisation
  • evaluation of Radiographs hip and elbow displasia
  • evaluation of patellar luxation in dogs
  • symphydiodesis, DPO – double pelvic osteotomy, denervation joint capsule in dogs
  • FHNO – (femoral head and neck resection) for hip joint
  • PAUL – system for medial compartment disease of the canine elbow


  • physiology and pathology of breeding dogs and cats (both sexes)
  • managing admissions
  • taking ejaculate from dogs
  • artificial insemination of souks
  • diagnosis of pregnancy by ultrasound
  • treatment of unwanted mating
  • conducting physiological and pathological labor of soups and cats
  • preventive and urgent imperial rust
  • postpartum pathology
  • examination of pups after birth
  • dog and cat infertility


Dentistry , Celestial Surgery


Urology and nephrology

  • basic urinalysis
  • examination of specific weight
  • sediment examination - organic and inorganic sonography of the kidney and bladder

Laboratory examinations

  • haematological examination
  • biochemical examination of blood and urine ascites
  • acid-base profile
  • Coprological examination (Institute of Parasitology)
  • microbiological and mycological examination (Department of Microbiology)
  • pathological-anatomical and histopathological examination (Institute of Pathological Anatomy)