Internal Grant Agency projects

IGA 14/2023

The study of the angiogenic response of the vessels of the chorioallantoic membrane of the avian embryo in relation to the selected innovative biomaterials intended for regenerative medicine

Riešiteľ: Zuzana Demčišáková, RNDr.
Obdobie: 2023 – 2024

IGA 13/2023

Antiviral effect of type I IFN on the replication of tick-borne orbiviruses

Riešiteľ: Dominika Fedorková, MSc. (till 31.1.2024); Soňa Pivka, MSc., PhD. (from 1.2.2024)
Obdobie: 2023 – 2024

IGA 04/2023

Identification of new strains of CPV-2 in clinically ill dogs

Riešiteľ: MVDr. Andrea Pelegrinová
Obdobie: 2023 – 2024

IGA 01/2023

Increasing the effectiveness of the treatment of oral diseases by developing a silver nanoparticle-loaded in situ gel based on smart polymers

Riešiteľ: Simona Rohaľová, PharmDr.
Obdobie: 2023 – 2024

IGA 16/2020

Relationship between SDMA, FGF-23 and aldosterone based on chronic kidney disease in cats

Riešiteľ: Simona Grelová, DVM
Obdobie: 2020 – 2021

IGA 12/2020

Effects of silybin and sangre de drango on selected immunlogical parameters in an in vitro model

Riešiteľ: Dominika Faixová, PharmDr.
Obdobie: 2020 – 2021

IGA 05/2020

In vitro determination of proapoptotic, antibiofilm and antioxidant effect of selective essential oils of Lamiaceae species

Riešiteľ: Martina Proškovcová, PharmDr.
Obdobie: 2020 – 2021

IGA 03/2020

The role of avian reservoirs in the circulation of tick-borne arboviruses with zoonotic potential

Riešiteľ: Katarína Peňazziová, MSc.
Obdobie: 2020 – 2021

IGA 15/2019

Prevalence of Babesia gibsoni in the American Pit Bull Terrier in Eastern Slovakia and new possibilities of therapy

Riešiteľ: Martina Karasová, DVM
Obdobie: 2019 – 2020

IGA 08/2019

Antimicrobial potential of lactobacilli in raw ewes milk

Riešiteľ: Tatiana Vataščinová, DVM
Obdobie: 2019 – 2020

IGA 02/2019

Stratification of patients with canine cognitive dysfunction, application of innovative stem cell therapy

Riešiteľ: Zuzana Vikartovská, Bc., DVM
Obdobie: 2019 – 2020

IGA 01/2019

Assessment of genotoxic and cytotoxic effect of cetamipride insecticide in cell cultures

Riešiteľ: Viera Schwarzbacherová, DVM, PhD.
Obdobie: 2019 – 2020

IGA 07/2018

The observation of lethality and morphological deviations in Artemia franciscana by exposition to pesticide imidacloprid

Riešiteľ: Michaela Špalková, DVM, PhD.
Obdobie: 2018 – 2018

IGA 06/2018

Impact of adult stem cells products on regeneration capacity of neural tissue under in vitro conditions

Riešiteľ: Filip Humeník, DVM
Obdobie: 2018 – 2018

IGA 05/2018

Clinical use of extracellular products of adipose tissue- derived adult allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells in orthopedics in dogs

Riešiteľ: Kristína Huňáková, DVM
Obdobie: 2018 – 2018

IGA 04/2018

Study of anaplasmosis in horse breeding in selected localitiesin Slovakia

Riešiteľ: Monika Drážovská, DVM, PhD.
Obdobie: 2018 – 2018

IGA 09/2017

Detection of DNA damage in lymphocytes after exposure to pesticides

Riešiteľ: Martina Galdíková, DVM, PhD.
Obdobie: 2017 – 2017

IGA 05/2017

Urinary biochemical profile of cancer diseases with potential se in diagnostic practice

Riešiteľ: RNDr. Peter Očenáš, PhD.
Obdobie: 2017 – 2017

IGA 03/2017

Effect of changes in the growth conditions on a content of biologically active substances with antioxidant activity in fungi of the genus Cordyceps (Fr.) Link.

Riešiteľ: RNDr. Lucia Ungvarská Maľučká, PhD.
Obdobie: 2017 – 2017

IGA 01/2017

Identification of toxigenic species micromycetes isolated from eggs

Riešiteľ: MVDr. Ivana Regecová, PhD.
Obdobie: 2017 – 2017