Organisation structure

University Veterinary Hospital


University Veterinary Hospital is part of the Medical University Science Park in Košice (Medi-Park Košice). The hospital is an important workplace for the clinical activity of the university and has important positions in terms of the needs of the future veterinary surgeon's training process, creating conditions for clinical research and provision of preventive and curative services for clients. This highly specialized establishment is unique in Slovakia, equipped with, for example, unique incubators for small animals or a special laminar box for the production of medicines for cancer patients and certainly will greatly contribute to improving the quality of teaching of our and foreign students as well as the availability of services for our clients. The hospital is available to the client 24 hours a day, with emergency services provided by the attending veterinarian.

University Veterinary Hospital is intended for the general public, not only at the regional but also at the national level. The hospital also acts as a referral site, and private veterinarians can send to UVH patients who have complications or require special surgical interventions, followed by a short-term or long-term hospitalization and patient monitoring.

The University Veterinary Hospital is also a research center. With devices and instrumentation, the results of clinical investigations can be used for clinical research, the results of which can also be shifted to scientific collaboration in human medicine to improve diagnostic, surgical and therapeutic procedures. We are able to get closer and to contribute actively to a world-wide concept of one world - one health - one medicine and protecting the health of animals by protecting animal health, which is the basic mission of veterinary medicine.

Organizational structure of University Veterinary Hospital:

  • Small Animal Clinic
    • Section of Surgery, Orthopedics, Roentgenology and Reproduction
    • Section of Internal Medicine
  • Clinic of Birds, Exotic and Wild Living Animals
  • Clinic of Horses
  • Clinic of Ruminants
  • Clinic of Swine