Interest clubs

Cynology club

Cynological club is focused on sports cynology and other activities with dogs.

Hunting Cynology Club

The activity of the club is focused on hunting activities in university hunting grounds.

Cynological Club DARCO

Cynological club DARCO associates trainers, breeders and owners of various dog breeds and crossbreeds.


Aqua-Terra Club is gathering students, which are interested in breeding reptiles and aquarist fish.

Breeder’s Club

The Breeder’s Club participates in the development of breeding, from many Slovak and foreign students, especially in the field of breeding of herbivorous fur animals, hens and quail.

Flora club

The Flora Club is an amateur non-profit club of students who are interested in plants and their cultivation.

Small Mammal and Exotic Bird Breeder’s Club

The club merges together all interested in husbaudry, breeding, healthcare and protection of small mammals and exotic birds.

Falconry and Raptor Rehabilitation Club

Main focus is direct help and participation of students to run wildlife rehabilitation station located in the university.

Mineralogy Club

Mineralogy club is an interest club of UVMP, associating students interested in mineralogy, paleontology, collection of minerals and fossils.

Bee Breeder’s Club

Bee breeder’s club brings together students interested in breeding of bees.

Association of Norwegian Students Abroad

ANSA Košice is a local team of organization ANSA, which is an Association of Norwegian Students Abroad.

Club Hygiena Alimentorum

The Hygiena Alimentorum Club unites students and employees of UVLF, who are interested in food quality and hygiene.

The Cat Care Club

The Cat Care Club is a voluntary club of students and employees of the UVMP in Košice interested in the care, therapy and management of domestic cats.