Interest clubs

The Flora Club

The Flora Club was founded at the University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice so an amateur non-profit club of students who are interested in plants and their cultivation.

The domicile of the club is Student House UVLF, Podhradová 13, 041 81 Košice. The activities members of the club are consulted with the club's guarantor and are aimed at satisfying individual interest and the development of members. The main activity members of the club is focused on growing room plants, ornamental plants and medicinal plants. In the area of UVLF is a selected greenhouse for the planting seedlings of ornamental, medicinal plants, as well as citrus growing.

Currently members of the club to focus on cultivating orchids, geraniums, bonsai, cactus, chili peppers and healing plants. In addition to this, members of the club take care of the appearance of greenery and the planting of geraniums in the area of the school and atrium ŠD1. The activities of the club are controlled by the basic documents: The club's statutes and the organizational rules.