Organisation structure

clinic of horses

Diploma theses

General veterinary medicine:
  • Monitoring of the prevalence of reproductive diseases, analysis of reproductive parameters in the selected dairy cattle breeding
  • Screening of species representation and properties of pathogenic bacteria isolated from biotic and abiotic surfaces
  • Diagnostic imaging of digital flexor tendon sheath in horses
  • Repeatability of preovulatory follicular diameter and uterine pattern in mares
  • Evalution of selected biochemical and hematological parameters in the ageing process of different breeds of horse
  • Factors affecting periparturient disease in the vital 90 day period in cows
  • Distal Limbs Ultrasonographic Examination in Sport Horses
  • Possibility of Radiographical Examination of the Pedal Bone in Horses
  • Comparison of two methods of stalions castration
  • Tarsal sheath anatomy and clinical and sonographical significant findings
  • Comparative studies of the different incisor tooth levels above and below the gum in different ages of horses
  • The prevention, therapy and working with horses suffering from Reccurrent Airway Obstruction
  • Dental disorders and their relation to body condition score in horse
  • Connection between alfalfa-diet, laminitis and estrogen levels in hoirses