Organisation structure

Equestrian centre


Equestrian centre as a special facility of UVMP provides teaching activities, sport activities of the students and employees of UVMP students and employees of UVLF as well as children, youth and adults from near and wide surroundings, organization of sports, social and cultural events and breeding and counseling activities.

At the equestrian centre mainly the practical lessons from subjects Animal husbandry and technology of animal production, Animal hygiene and welfare, epizootology, Obstetrics, reproduction and reproduction disorders, Diseases of horses, Basics horse shoeing and orthopaedic horse shoeing, Hippotherapy, Training and rehabilitation of horses, and Horse riding are organized. The course subjects are regularly attended by students of all study programmes of our university including students of the study programe Man-Animal Relationship and its Use in Canistherapy and Hippotherapy.

Sport activities at the UVMP equestiran centre are organized by the riding club TJ Slávia of UVMP. With a wide range of horse parkour jumping and equestrian vaulting and systematic work with youth they are the excellent results achieved.

Competitions, training camps, joint trainings belong to the main activities of the riding club TJ Slávia of UVMP. The most popular are Slovak equestrian vaulting cup, dressage of horses, the Rector´s Prize (in June) in horse parkour jumping, the Košice cup (in September) and Saint-Hubertus ride (in October).

In the area of the equestrian centre, the Police Department of Cynology and Hypology of the Presidium of the Police is located.