Organisation structure

Clinic of Swine

Teaching activities

Two subjects: “Propedeutics” and “Diseases of Swine”. Under clinical and field conditions, the students train physical examination of animals, they learn aethiopathogenesis, symptomatology, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, treatment and prevention of swine diseases. Propedeutics in both theory and practice ensures that the students acquire basic knowledge, and methodological and diagnostic procedures for studying clinical disciplines and their practical application within the different animal species. The clinic provides practical clinical training in internal swine diseases, reproduction and andrology of swine, and special surgery and orthopaedics of swine as part of the subject Diseases of swine. The practical clinical training within the obligatory elective subject Assisted reproduction is attended by all students in the 5th year of study who have enrolled in the subject. The individual activities carried out within the training are rather timeconsuming; therefore, the training is done in the form of block practices at the Clinic of Swine and on the UF. In the 6th year of study, 60 hours in total It takes place on the clinic’s premises. and in the field conditions at pig holdings (on the UF and a commercial pig farm). The clinical training is done in groups of 5 – 10 students. The students work on their own, with the teacher acting as a professional advisor (i.e. he/she ensures that the individual tasks are performed in a professional manner) and he/she oversees the students’ safety while they perform the tasks.

General veterinary medicine:
  • Diseases of Swine
  • Propedeutics
  • Assisted reproduction
  • Clinical practice