Organisation structure

Clinic of Swine

Teaching activities

In the pedagogical-educational process, the clinic of swine ensures the preparation of students in the study subjects "Propaedeutics" (ŠP VVL and ŠP Veterinary Nurse), "Diseases of pigs" - Diseases of pigs I. (5th year VVL), Diseases of pigs II. (6th year VVL), Diseases of pigs (6th year HP), Assisted reproduction and Health management in production animal husbandry (ŠP Animal welfare and protection). In both clinical and field conditions, the aim is to ensure the preparation of students in both study programs with a practical habit in the clinical examination of animals, as well as the acquisition of knowledge on etiopathogenesis, symptomatology, diagnosis and differential diagnosis, therapy and prevention of pig diseases. Propedeutics, with its theoretical and practical part in teaching, ensures basic knowledge and methodological-diagnostic procedures for the study and practical mastery of clinical disciplines within individual species of animals, while synthesizing a set of knowledge acquired in pre-clinical disciplines. As part of the study subject Diseases of pigs, the clinic provides practical clinical teaching of internal diseases of pigs, reproduction and andrology of pigs, and special surgery and orthopedics of pigs. All 5th year students who have registered for the course take part in the practical clinical teaching of the compulsory optional subject Assisted Reproduction. Due to the time-consuming performance of the individual tasks during the lesson, it takes place in the form of block exercises in the conditions of the premises of the clinic of swine and on the purpose-built facility of the UVLF Educational Agricultural Enterprise in Zemplínská Teplice. Practical teaching is carried out in subgroups (10-12 students). Students work independently, the teacher works as a professional advisor (supervises the expertise of performance of actions) and supervises the safety of students during individual performances.

General veterinary medicine:
  • Propedeutics
  • Diseases of pigs I.
  • Diseases of pigs II.
  • Assisted reproduction
  • Clinical practice
Food hygiene:
  • Diseases of pigs
  • Clinical practice
Veterinary nurse:
  • Propedeutics (2nd year internal and external form)
Animal welfare and protection:
  • Health management in production animal husbandry