Organisation structure

Clinic of Swine


General veterinary medicine:
  • Therapy and prevention of parasitic diseases in pigs
  • The influence of the state of health of sows during lactation and the amount of milk produced on the production and health indicators of piglets
  • Study of the effect of an antiparasitic preparation based on toltrazuril in diarrhea in piglets
  • Comparison of the effect of an antibiotic preparation based on Amoxycillin in diarrheal diseases of weanlings after oral and intramuscular application
  • Effect of season and parity on reproductive indicators in selected breeding sows
  • Effect of season on growth of follicles and oocytes in gilts and sows
  • Intrauterine development of fetuses and growth of newborn piglets in selected breeds of sows
  • Comparison of health and production indicators after feeding SCHAUMMA STABIL feed mixture with standard nutrition in pre-fattening pigs
  • Monitoring the effect of various anesthetics on the depth of anesthesia and hematological parameters
  • The influence of bioplex Zn on the health and production indicators of weaned piglets
  • Respiratory diseases of pigs and their therapy options
  • Use of bioplexes of trace elements in pig nutrition
  • Genotyping as a key element in eradication of scrapie
  • Enzymatic profile of pigs
  • Blood sampling and intravenous application in pigs
  • Monitoring of blood acid-base balance in pigs after anesthesia
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory substances in the therapy of pigs
  • Etiology of bloody diarrhea and bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract of pigs
  • Prevention and therapy of parasitic diseases in pigs
  • Clinoptilolite as feed additive in pigs
  • Faecal pH in determination of swine intestinal health
  • Protein profile of piglets in the postnatal period
  • Study of changes in the enteral microbiocenosis after long-term feeding of humic acids in pigs until weaning and during fattening
  • Circulation of herpesviruses in the animal population
  • Effects of natural sorbents addition on health of piglets and weanlings
  • Comparison of health and production indicators in pre-fattening pigs after feeding a mycotoxin binder
  • Effect of anion regulation in sow nutrition during pregnancy and lactation on health and production status
  • Effect of humic acid supplementation on meat quality in fattening pigs
  • Comparison of production and reproductive indicators in sows after long-term feeding humic acids
  • The effect of feeding humic acids on selected indicators of immune profile in weanlings
  • Use of laser therapy in wound healing in pigs
  • Influence of intrauterine development of fetuses and the sex of suckling piglets on the growth intensity of piglets from birth to weaning