Organisation structure

Clinic of Swine

Clinical activities

The Clinic of Swine carries out:

  • Examination and treatment in the field of internal diseases of all categories of pigs
  • Hospitalization of the patient with 24-hour professional supervision
  • Surgical and orthopedic treatment of the patient
  • Early diagnosis of pregnancy (USG) and the solution of reproductive disorders of gilts, sows and boars
  • Laboratory diagnostics (biochemical, hematological and coprological examinations)
  • Consultancy in pig farms

The pig clinic in ambulatory and field conditions of pig breeding is focused on clinical examination and diagnosis of diseases in all categories of pigs, therapy and prevention of internal diseases, surgical and orthopedic interventions, as well as disorders pig reproduction.

Outpatient activities are carried out in the stable part of the clinic - pavilion 19.

Telephone contact: +421 915 992 257