Organisation structure


Vice-Rectors of University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice manage the following workplaces:

Vice-rector for Education
Martin Tomko, DVM, PhD.
martin.tomko@uvlf.sk - +421 918 413553
Study Office
- Study Programmes in Slovak Language
- Study Programmes in English Language
- Student Registry and Social Support

Vice-Rector for Science, Research and PhD Study
Prof. Juraj Pistl, DVM, PhD.
juraj.pistl@uvlf.sk - +421 915 984588
Science and Research Section
PhD Study Section
Section for Scientific Activities and Support Services of MediPark Košice

Vice-Rector for University Development and Quality Assurance
Prof. Jozef Nagy, DVM, PhD.
jozef.nagy@uvlf.sk - +421 915 984010
Quality Assurance
Department of Information and Communication Technologies

Vice-Rector for International Relations
Prof. MVDr. Zita Faixová, DVM, PhD.
zita.faixova@uvlf.sk - +421 915 413553
International Relations
Student and Staff Mobility
Rigorous Examination Procedures

Vice-Rector for Clinical Activities and Professional Relations
Prof. Alexandra Trbolová, DVM, PhD.
alexandra.trbolova@uvlf.sk - +421 915 984659
University Hospital
Clinical Skills Centre
Clinical Activities and Professional Relations
Scientific and R&D facilities:
Clinical Laboratory
University Slaughterhouse