Organisation structure


The Bursar has a managerial position at UVMP. He ensures and is responsible for economic and administrative operations of UVMP, acts on its behalf within the scope determined by the Rector. He reports directly to the Rector. The Bursar manages, within her entrusted areas of competence, the heads of departments and clinics or activities for which he is authorised by the Rector.

The Bursar is mainly responsible for::

  • preparation of financial plans, acquisition of financial and material resources,
  • breakdown of the approved plans and subsidies for departments, clinics, self-sustaining units, special facilities, and student clubs, and he/she coordinates their implementation and prepares proposals for necessary changes,
  • ensuring that the principles of sound financial management of UVMP are respected in accordance with the current legislation,
  • ensuring and performing of economic and administrative operations,
  • preparing the documents necessary for decisions of academic office holders and academic bodies of the university,
  • preparation and implementation of investment activities, operation and maintenance of buildings and energy policy,
  • managing tangible and intangible assets, leasing and disposal of unusable assets, preparation of asset depreciation plans,
  • preparing and managing the agenda in the area of organisation and management,
  • agenda and organisation of public procurement processes,
  • financial management and financing of self-sustaining units, special facilities and students clubs,
  • development of a strategy for human resources development, care for employees and wage policy of UVMP..

The units directly managed by the Bursar are:

  • Finance Department
  • Operation and Investment Department
  • Public Procurement Department
  • Project Department
Róbert Schréter, Ing. PhD.
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