Organisation structure

Public Procurement Department

Characteristics of the workplace

For private market and commercial market entities, the rule is that they can act on a 'non-forbidden basis' principle. For public entities, however, the principle is much stricter, so they can act only as permitted by law. All activities of public administrations are precisely defined by legally binding acts of the European Union and generally binding legal regulations of the Slovak republic. Goal is to achieve the highest possible level of efficiency and usability of public funds in their functioning. The use of public funds for the purchase of goods, services or works is called public procurement.

UVMP in Košice is, under the Public Procurement Act, the contracting authority for the goods, services and works that are necessary for the performance of tasks of general interest. The process of awarding contracts for the supply of goods, services and the execution of construction works includes, in particular:

  • planning of individual workplace requirements for the next calendar year for goods, services and construction work,
  • procurement,
  • choice of suppliers,
  • delivery of goods, services and construction works.

The process of purchasing goods, services and construction works is mainly realized with an emphasis on the economic dimension and its expression is economic efficiency. Public procurement also has an ethical dimension - to allow fair and transparent competition.

At present, the Public Procurement Department uses the electronic eBiz system, which simplifies the procurement process for the needs of UVMP in Košice. It covers the performance of public procurement from planning, collection of requirements, analysis of the subject of the contract and determination of the correct procedure under the Public Procurement Act, preparation of tender documents, publication of a notice or call, communication and circulation of documents during the various phases of procurement until evaluation by the commission and system for electronic auction. The system also includes the registration and archiving of public procurement documents in accordance with the law. Under-the-threshold contracts are realized through the Electronic Contaract System. Low-value contracts are published through the Public Procurement Profile.