Organisation structure

Operation and Investments Department

Characteristics of the workplace

Operation and Investments Department performs complex investment activities in the field of procurement of tangible fixed assets (long-term consumption items, land, buildings, construction, machinery and equipment) and intangible assets (software). Department provides preparatory and project documentation, it participates on building constructions and technical evaluations, reconstructions and modernizations of machinery and equipment. Department prepares binding internal documents of UVMP in the field of energy management and transport management. Department creates conditions to ensure undisturbed educational, scientific and academic activity in the university. Department provides car service, energy management, internal services (cleaning of common spaces, gardening, etc.), repairs and maintenance of technical, technological and other equipment of UVMP. It provides warehouse management for office tools, cleaning needs, etc. Department also prepares documents for the budget plan.

The main tasks of the department

  • Activities in the field of energy.
  • Waste management activities.
  • Site administration.
  • Road transport.