Organisation structure

Project Department

Characteristics of the Workplace

UVMP’s Project Department provides technical and administrative support during preparation and implementation of UVMP’s projects under various grant schemes, which are aimed at:  

  • development of science, research and education at the university
  • economic development of the university and its special facilities
  • development of partnerships with other universities and research organisations

The Project Department team provides technical and administrative support during:

  1. the project proposal preparation phase, which includes description of work packages (except research work packages, which are prepared by Principal Investigators), budget preparation and project submission;
  2. the grant agreement preparation phase after a project has been approved by a funding authority;
  3. the project implementation phase, which involves:
  • monitoring of project activities and reporting,
  • preparation of documents for public procurement of goods, works and services defined in project budget,
  • submitting financial reports to funding authorities,
  • grant and co-financing management including continuous checking of the cost eligibility in compliance with the approved budget and the relevant Slovak and European legislation concerning the EU’s Structural Funds and other financial instruments,
  • maintaining smooth supplier/customer relationships by ensuring that goods/services/works receiving procedure is in place,
  • liaising with UVMP’s Economic Department to ensure smooth project accounting and create inventory of durable goods purchased under projects,
  • ensuring project promotion,
  • where necessary, ensuring that durable goods purchased under projects are insured    
  • providing assistance in relation to on-the-spot project checks (which are carried out at least once during the project implementation)
  1. the project evaluation/sustainability phase lasting 5 years after the project end, which involves:
  • evaluation of a project’s impact and submission of post-implementation monitoring reports to relevant funding authorities,
  • archiving of project documentation for the period of 10 years after the project end, i.e. the period, during which post-implementation reviews, checks and audits can be conducted by external authorities (e.g. the Supreme Audit Office of the Slovak Republic, the Office for Government Audit, KPMG and EC audits).