Organisation structure

Project Department


Head of Department Phone E-mail Web
Takáčová Tatiana, Ing. +421915992807 tatiana.takacova@uvlf.sk -

Projects under EU Structural Funds and Other Financial Mechanisms

Employees Phone E-mail Web
Shymanska Bianka, Mgr. +421915986760 bianka.shymanska@uvlf.sk -
Sitániová Mária, LL.D +421918711966 maria.sitaniova@uvlf.sk -
Takácsová Beáta, Ing. +421915986727 beata.takacsova@uvlf.sk -

Projects under National and International Funding Schemes

Employees Phone E-mail Web
Pahulyiová Ivana, Mgr. +421917833460 ivana.pahulyiova@uvlf.sk -