Organisation structure


Koščová Jana, Assoc. Prof. DVM, PhD.

+421 905 480897

Vice-Rector for Science, Research and PhD Study has responsibility for fulfilling tasks in the field of scientific and research activities and postgraduate study.

Vice-Rector for Science, Research and PhD Study is responsible mainly for:

  • organization of scientific and research activities related to domestic and international scientific projects,
  • preparation of proposals for the organization of scientific activities at the university,
  • organization upgrading of professional qualifications of the employees (habilitation and inauguration proceedings, scientific qualification level IIa),
  • organization of Internal Grant Agency (IGA), postdoctoral positions,
  • preparation of proposals for negotiation Scientific Board meetings,
  • organisation of 3rd level of higher education (PhD study) at university,
  • upgrade the quality of scientific journal Folia Veterinaria at professional level,
  • UVMP presentation of science and research at public at national level, abroad at international level (activities in international associations, cooperation with foreign partners including conclusion of cooperation agreements).

Vice-Rector for Science, Research and PhD Study manages:

  • Science and Research Section,
  • PhD Study Office,
  • Section for Scientific Activities and Support Services of MediPark Košice,
  • scientific, research and development institutes:
    • National Reference Laboratory for Pesticides,
    • Joint Centre of Institute of Postgraduate Education of Veterinary Surgeons in Košice and UVMP in Košice for Sensory Food Analysis
    • DNA Analysis Unit,
  • Information and Teaching Centres:
    • University Library,
    • Editorial Centre and Bookshop,
    • Editorial Office Folia Veterinaria.