Organisation structure

Vice-Rector for Clinical Activities and Professional Relations

Nagy Oskar, Assoc. Prof. DVM, PhD. Dip. ECBHM

+421 915 986695

Vice-Rector for Clinical Activities and Professional Relations is primarily responsible for:

  • the realization of the aims of ensuring the development of the university by creating quality educational and scientific research clinics in accordance with the needs of profiling graduates of UVLF in the field of specialized clinical disciplines according to individual animal species,
  • improving the quality of activities and services provided in all areas of clinical activities,
  • developing a high degree of specialization of clinicians and developing specialized professional activities,
  • increasing the professional preparedness and practical skills of graduates to perform clinical activities with a view to their high applicability in the labor market,
  • searching for opportunities for collaboration and implementation of the practical education process outside the university environment,
  • closer co-ordination and resolution of problems with clinic preferences to ensure the operation and operation of clinics in liaison with their negotiation and decision-making in university management,
  • providing professional internships and practices at clinical workplaces in cooperation with the State Veterinary and Food Administration of the Slovak Republic and the Chamber of Veterinarians of the Slovak Republic.

Vice-Rector for Clinical Activities and Professional Relations cooperates and, on behalf of the University, acts in relation to the non-profit organization School Agricultural Enterprise, n.o. Zemplínska Teplica.

Vice-Rector for Clinical Activities and Professional Relations manages:

  • University Veterinary Hospital,
  • Clinical Activities and Professional Relations,
  • scientific, research and development institutes:
    • Clinical Laboratory
  • Self-sustaining units:
    • Clinical Skills Centre,
    • Experimental Research Centre in Zemplínska Teplica,
    • University Slaughterhouse,
  • Special facilities:
    • University Pharmacy.