Organisation structure

Vice-Rector for Education

Tomko Martin, DVM., PhD.

+421 915 413553

Vice-Rector for Education is responsible for the performance of tasks connected with education in the pedagogical process, for the performance of the tasks associated with continuing education and training for UVMP and acting on its behalf, to the extent determined by the rector.

Vice-Rector for Education is responsible in particular for:

  • the activity of the study office,
  • management of the pedagogical process,
  • preparation of study plans in study programmes in the UVMP,
  • developing strategic and development documents of the UVMP for the field of education,
  • teaching in the accredited study programmes,
  • the school timetable and the coordination of the planned processes of teaching,
  • the preparation and the course of the admission procedure,
  • up-date the content, methods, means and organisation of the teaching process,
  • elaboration of the proposal pedagogical profile UVMP,
  • coordination of pedagogical activities of the departments,
  • management of the creation of the study of literature, teaching and methodological aids developed by the institutions of the UVMP,
  • the organisation of the student scientific professional activity conference,
  • coordination of the preparation of new study programmes,
  • rational use of the pedagogic forces of the workplaces,
  • a systematic evaluation of the performance of the tasks of the teaching process,
  • the processing of the main tasks of the teaching process in your messages,
  • implementation of results of scientific-oriented research to address the efficiency and quality of the teaching process in teaching the UVMP,
  • implementation of the conclusions of the scientific council in the field of pedagogical process,
  • processing and on-going implementation of the concept of socio - educational activities,
  • creating optimal conditions for study, accommodation, dining and club activity students at the UVMP.

Vice-Rector for Education and Study Affairs manages:

  • Study Office:
    • Study Programmes in Slovak Language,
    • Study Programmes in English Language,
    • Student Registry and Social Support.
  • student's interest clubs and theirs responsible guarantor appointed rector:
    • Flora club,
    • Club AQUA TERRA,
    • Cynological club,
    • Hunting Cynology Club,
    • Breeder’s Club,
    • Cynological club DARCO,
    • Small Mammal and Exotic Bird Breeder’s Club,
    • Falconry and Raptor Rehabilitation Club,
    • Meneralogy club,
    • Bee Breeder’s Club,
    • Hygiena Alimentorum Club.
  • special facilities:
    • Dormitories,
    • Student F – klub.