Organisation structure

Department of pharmacognosy and botany

Teaching activities

The pharmaceutical botany is a subject that studies the basic structure of the plant body and the basic processes taking place in plants. Students are acquainted with taxonomy and they learn to identify pharmaceutically important plant species. Some lessons are taught as a practical exercise in nature, practical exercises in the field of medicinal herbs, or as an excursion in a greenhouse of Botanical garden of University of Pavol Jozef Šafarik.

The production of medicinal plants is a subject where students learn about cultivation principles and processing principles of medicinal plants. It points to the association of abiotic and biotic factors with the quantity and quality of the obtained drug.

The subject of pharmacognosy deals with the separation, isolation and analysis of plant substances, their pharmacological effects and their therapeutic use. Students learn the main principles of work in the field of isolation and identification of secondary metabolites from natural material. They will also learn to use modern instrumentation to determine the quality of natural raw materials and herbal preparations.

  • Pharmaceutical botany
  • Production of medicinal plants
  • Pharmacognosy