Organisation structure

Department of pharmacognosy and botany

Scientific research activity

The research activity of the department focuses on the preparation of plant extracts using various extraction techniques. We perform chemical analysis of selected natural substances in accordance with the pharmacopoeial standard. We tested the prepared extracts for acute toxicity by Artemia salina tests, irritation effect or the extracts are tested for ability to influence angiogenesis by in ovo methods. We deal with evaluation of the antioxidant activity of plant extracts, specific plant metabolites or drug forms. We cooperate with Botanical Garden of UPJŠ Košice in the field of obtaining new medicinal plants. We also collaborate with the Department of Botany of SPU Nitra, Faculty of Pharmacy of Comenius University in Bratislava and Pharmaceutical Faculty of the University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno. We have signed a contract for cooperation with medicinal plant growers, teas and syrups producers Agrokarpaty Plavnica in 2011. A partnership with the Uzhhorod National University (Ukraine) have also a great importance for increasing of scientific knowledge. Other activities includes the participation. Other activities include participation in educational activity called University of Third Age.

  • APVV-15-0377: The Synergistic Effect of Secondary Plant Metabolites and Probiotic Bacteria Products on Pathogenetic Biofilm Inhibition.
  • KEGA 015UVLF-4/2015: Development and Use of the Educational Information System on Drugs and Diseases in the Informatics of Pharmaceutical Discipline Teaching.
  • KEGA 013UVLF-4/2016: Building collections of Medicinal Plants for Educational Purposes in Pharmaceutical Botany, Production of Medicinal Plants and Pharmacognosy.
  • VEGA 1/0103/16: Brasinin and its derivatives as potential anti-cancer drugs.