Organisation structure

Department of Breeding and Diseases of Game, Fish and Bees, Ecology and Cynology

Final theses

  • Parasitic diseases of ornamental fish
  • Current situation of ichthyofauna and parasites of invasive fish species in Slovak waters
  • Present situation, prevention and control of viral diseases in salmon aquaculture in Norway
  • Invasive alien species of carnivores in Europe  - an important vector of zoonotic diseases
  • Parasitofauna of freshwater game fish from Eastern Slovakia
  • Parasitic diseases of salmonid fish in European aquaculture
  • Crustacean parasites - the main problem of Norwegian aquaculture
  • African Swine Fever in wild boar
  • Endohelminths of loaches from genus Cobitis
  • Top piscivorous predators - threats of  European aquatic ecosystems