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Department of Pharmacognosy and Botany

Diploma theses

Since 2012, when the Department of Pharmacognosy and Botany was founded, there are 94 successfully finished diploma theses. Currently, students work on topics listed below.

  • Antioxidant activity and pharmaceutical use of tea plant - Camellia sinensis (L.) Kuntze
  • Antioxidant activity and therapeutic use of pharmaceutically important representatives of the Zingiberaceae family
  • Toxicological screening and possibilities of pharmaceutical use of plants of the Yucca genus
  • Toxicological Screening and the Possibilities of Pharmaceutical Use of false rose of Jericho (Selaginella lepidophylla Hook. Grev.)
  • Impact of different climatic conditions on the substances contained in Melissa officinalis L.
  • Antioxidative activity of flowers and fruits of Sambucus nigra L. and its use in the prevention of diseases
  • Antioxidative activity of the fruits of Punica granatum L. and its use in the prevention of diseases
  • Antioxidative activity of Beta vulgaris provar. conditiva L. and its use in disease prevention
  • Comparison of selected extraction methods
  • Effect of alginite on the quantity and quality of the content of substances in Origanum vulgare L. and its use for drug production
  • Analysis of the most frequently sold herbal teas in a selected pharmacy depending on the season
  • Liver regeneration using the medicinal platns
  • Use of essencial oils in pain therapy
  • Nutritional supplements based on the lichens
  • Application of lichen´s secondary metabolites on CAM model
  • Natural immunomodulators and their rational use
  • Vassoactive effect of different extracts from various species of lichens
  • Natural dermatologic drugs and their rational use
  • Natural cognitive enhancers and their rational use
  • Natural anti obesity drugs and their rational use
  • Evaluation of quality parameters of selected mucus-containing drugs
  • Adverse effects of plants containing thujone
  • Pharmaceutical use and therapeutic potential of cocoa tree (Theobroma cacao L.)
  • Plant metabolites and the possibility of their use as pharmaceutical adjuvants
  • Pharmaceutical use and therapeutic potential of plants oils (Olea plantarum pinguia)
  • Application of medicinal plants in therapy of pain
  • Medicinal plants evoke interactions with medicines containing warfarin
  • Potential medicinal plants for enhancing antitumor activity of radiation
  • Pharmaceutical potential of Rhodiola rosea L., Leuzea rapontica L./Holub., and genus Panax L.
  • Herbal nootropics
  • Medicinal properties of bee products
  • Herbal plants which support the immune system
  • Antifungal activity of secondary metabolites of lichens
  • Inhibition of sortase by medicinal plants
  • Phytotherapy of American foulbrood disease
  • The current antipsychotic treatment depot antipsychotics
  • Influence of active substances contained in the plant Tribulus tererestris L. on cholesterol levels
  • Natural sources of flavonoids and their antioxidant properties and importance to health
  • Medicinal plants containing berberine and their pharmaceutical potential
  • Adverse and side effects of using certain herbs containing thujone
  • Phytoalexins from the family Brassicaceae and their potential antitumour