Organisation structure

Clinic of Birds, Exotic and Free Living Animals

Diploma theses

General veterinary medicine:
  • Health situation of honey bees in ZO Banská Štiavncia
  • Georgios Pantoulas: Health situation in honeybees in Thessaloniki region
  • Monitoring of health of honey bees in Puchov region
  • Effect of queen for colony cleaning behaviour
  • Health situation in bee colonies in selected localities in Slovakia
  • The most common disease of guinea pigs at the Clinic of birds, exotic and wild animals
  • Application of probiotics in exotic birds
  • Clinical use of blood transfusion in birds
  • Cytology of intestinal microflora in birds
  • Effect of antihelminthics on intestinal microflora in birds
  • The effect of environmental factors on plasma total antioxidant capacity in chickens
  • Haematological monitoring in poultry farm
  • The diseases of locomotory system of poultry
  • Monitoring the parasitofauna in feral pigeon populations
  • Prevalence of trichomoniasis in feral pigeons
  • Health situation of bees in Kosice region