Organisation structure

Clinic of Birds, Exotic and Free living Animals

Opening Hours

Veterinary care
non stop
On working days in time from 3.30 pm until 18.00. veterinary activity is secured in cooperation with the Small Animal Clinic, on working days and public holidays from 9 am until 12.00 the presence of a veterinarian is ensured in SMA ambulance and emergency care is provided by the designated veterinarian. The health care of hospitalized patients is the responsibility of the veterinary surgeon and veterinary technician. Welfare of wild animals within the rehabilitation station and hospitalized animals is ensured by students under the supervision of a veterinary surgeon under the supervision of clinical trials.
Consultation hours
Monday - Firday
8:00 - 15:15
At this time, clinic veterinarians - specialists in avian medicine, reptiles, small mammals, predators, wild animals and bees - are available at the workplace.