Organisation structure

University Facility for Breeding and Diseases of Game, Fish and Bees in Rozhanovce

Hunting grounds

A separate part of the facility are hunting grounds. Hunting grounds serve for the needs of the pedagogical process, further restocking of game and enhancement of fauna.

Within the hunting grounds of the special facility in Rozhanovce, the hunting ground Bažantnica (farm breeding of pheasants and partrides), the hunting ground Obora (breeding of fallow deer and mufflone) and the hunting ground Makovica (a hunting forest with a focus on the production of red deer, roe deer and wild boars). The total area of hunting grounds is 6158 ha, of which Bažantnica has 3358 ha, Obora 500 ha and Makovica 2300 ha.

The hunting area, where UVMP mainly performs teaching hunts for small game, is the hunting ground Bažantnica in Rozhanovce. In the hunting ground there is the hunting cottage Pincatorka.

The second hunting ground is game preserve Obora. Game preserve Obora is a fenced hunting area, where intensive breeding of fallow deer and mufflone is performed. Game preserve Obora due to the reality also fulfils important taskas resulting from the pedagogical and research university´s focus. Students of the UVMP have the opportunity to use the hunting ground Obora within the specialized subjects focused on breeding and animal diseases and hunting. Foreign students of our university highly appreciate the possibility of working with live game during the practicals focused on capture and immobilization associated with sampling, drug application, etc. Such possibilities as our university do not allow for almost any veterinary faculty within the EU, which is a fact that increases the attractiveness and prestige of UVMP for those interested about the study from abroad.

The hunting ground Makovica is a free hunting ground situated in the massif of Slanske vrchy where the main species of game are red deer, roe deer and wild boars. The hunting ground is the site of the natural occurrence of large predators, e.g. wolf, lynx, wildcat, rust, fox and brown bear. In spite of the varied species of large predators, there are high amounts of red deer and wild boar in this area. For the needs of hunting management of this area, the UVMP owns directly in the hunting ground the hunting cottage Mudrovecká hájenka, and in rent from company Forests of SR, the university has a hunting cottage Hlavatovská. Teaching hunts for wild boars are organized in this hunting ground.

The use of game for research purposes allows the realization of a wide range of bachelor, diploma, dissertation theses and research tasks within various scientific programs in this hunting ground.