Organisation structure

Department of the Environment, Veterinary Legislation and Economy

Teaching activities

Animal Science (first degree):
  • Legislation in veterinary practice
  • Veterinary ethics and legislation
  • Animal hygiene, welfare and behaviour of animals
  • Preventive veterinary medicine, sanitation and public health
Veterinary Nurse (first degree):
  • Economics and management in practice
  • Ethology and behavioral disorders of animals
  • Hygiene and welfare of companion animals
General Veterinary Medicine (first and second degree):
  • Animal ethology
  • Animal hygiene and welfare 
  • Basics of ecology
  • Basics of law for veterinary medics
  • Behaviour disorders in domestic animals
  • Economy
  • History of veterinary medicine
  • Professional ethics
  • Protection of the environment and public health
  • Public veterinary medicine
  • Veterinary legislation and forensic veterinary medicine
Animal Hygiene and Environment (third degree):
  • Ecology and environmental protection
  • Animal hygiene and welfare
  • Waste from agricultural and food production
  • Veterinary ethology
Infectious Diseases of Animals (third degree):
  • Public and forensic veterinary medicine
  • Ecology and environmental protection