Organisation structure

Department of Public Veterinary Medicine and Animal Welfare

Characteristics of the department

The department was formed after the change of the organizational structure in 2020. It was originally formed by the Institute of Animal Hygiene and the Environment, the Institute of Judicial and Public Veterinary Medicine and Economics and the Institute of applied ethology and professional ethics.

Workplace of Animal Hygiene and Environmental Protection

Workplace is established in pavilion No. 3 on II. floor. In the area of education and training, teachers participate in providing teaching in all study programs accredited at UVLF in Košice, including study programs in English. Within each study program there are at institute taught subjects by which the student acquires the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for planning, organizing, controlling and carrying out professional activity in the protection of animals and creation of the environment. At the same time, students acquire procedures for performing epidemiological and epidemiological activities in veterinary, health and pharmaceutical facilities, as well as monitoring of diseases characterized by a natural focus phenomenon and the application of measures for the protection of human health and the environment.In the field of science and research, creative workers and PhD students are involved in solving questions in the field of sanitation, environmental protection and zoohygienic questions related to livestock hygiene.

Workplace of Forensic and Public Veterinary Medicine and Economy

It is located in Pavilion no. 5. Teachers of workplace provide teaching in all accredited study programs in the 1st, 2nd and 1st degree colleges. They also participate in doctoral studies in the curriculum of study program public and veterinary medicine and in securing selected topics of the study part of the doctoral study in the study programs infectious diseases of animals and animal hygiene and the environment. In the area of research and development, creative workers and PhD students deal with various issues in the field of forensic veterinary medicine, public veterinary medicine, food supervision and legal and economic impacts of animal husbandry and keeping.

Workplace of Applied Ethology and Professional Ethics

The teachers of workplace are providing teaching of animal ethology and professional ethics in study programs both in slovak and english language. Scientific and research activities of Institute range from ethology to welfare of domestic animals and are focused on the study of therapy and prevention of behavioral disorders and the determination of physiological and behavioral indicators of impaired welfare. The members of the team are active participants in education of trainers for guide dogs. Institute provides teaching for the canis-therapists (Animal Assisted Therapy) and offers also training courses and consultations for the cynologists. Institute offers consultations to the owners of dogs and cats with behavioral disorders.