Organisation structure

Department of Pharmacy and Social Pharmacy

Teaching activities

The Department provides courses in compulsory subjects: Economics and Management for Pharmacists, Law and Ethics for Pharmacists, Pharmacy Practice, Pharmacy and Social Pharmacy. In the category of optional subjects the department provides courses in subjects: History of Pharmacy, Food Supplements (Nutraceuticals), Pharmaceutical Informatics and Drug-Dispensation minimum standards of selected therapeutic classes.

  • Economics and Management for Pharmacists (compulsory subject)
  • Law and Ethics for Pharmacists (compulsory subject)
  • Pharmacy Practice 1-month (compulsory subject)
  • Pharmacy (compulsory subject)
  • Social Pharmacy (compulsory subject)
  • Pharmacy Practice 5-months (compulsory subject)
  • History of Pharmacy (compulsory optional subject)
  • Food Supplements - Nutraceuticals (compulsory optional subject)
  • Pharmaceutical Informatics (compulsory optional subject)
  • Drug-Dispensation minimum standards of selected therapeutic classes (compulsory optional subject)