Organisation structure

Department of Pharmacy and Social Pharmacy

Characteristics of the department

The main role of the department is to provide students of the pharmacy study program with basic information in the field of pharmaceutical and medical terminology, management, legislation, ethics and health laws. In the subjects Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Informatics, the department develops the knowledge and skills of students in the field of pharmacotherapy and evaluation of its risks by means of electronic applications. The subject of Social Pharmacy refers to the position of pharmacy in healthcare and society, allows a better understanding of medication value. The subject Pharmacy History describes the development of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences, both in the global and Slovak dimensions. The subject Nutritional supplements extends students' knowledge mainly about nutritional supplements, their possible use in the field of supportive therapy. The subject Drug-Dispensation minimum standards of selected therapeutic classes develops the knowledge of the correct dispensing of selected medications and their significant interactions. These facts help to connect the theoretical knowledge gained during the background study on the effects and activities of medications applicable to daily clinical practice. The organization and monitoring of the professional pharmacy practice for students of SP pharmacy is an integral part of the Department's target.