Organisation structure

Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmacognozy and Botany

Teaching activities

For students of the Pharmacy study programme, the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmacognosy and Botany at the University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy provides teaching of two subjects necessary for state exams (Pharmacognosy and Dosage forms and Galenics), a compulsory subject (Pharmaceutical Botany) and compulsory optional subjects (Production of Medicinal Plants, Plants with Toxic Eeffects, Good Manufacturing and Laboratory Practice in Production and Control of Medicinal Substances and Medicines and Work with Sources of Information). All the mentioned subjects help to create the professional profile of a pharmacist.

The subject Pharmacognosy deals with the separation, isolation and analysis of plant constituents, their pharmacological effects, and therapeutic uses. Students will learn the main principles of working in the field of isolation and identification of secondary metabolites from natural materials. They will learn to use modern instrumentation to determine the quality of natural raw materials and preparations from them.

In the subject Dosage forms and Galenics, students will gain theoretical knowledge of medicine production, physicochemical and biopharmaceutical aspects of dosage forms, requirements for the quality of drugs and basic legislation that regulates the conditions for medicine production as well as practical skills in the preparation of medicines in the conditions of pharmacies.

The subject Pharmaceutical botany deals with the study of the basic structure of plant bodies and the basic processes that take place in the plant. Students will become familiar with taxonomy and learn to identify pharmaceutically important plant species. The course also includes practical lessons in nature or in university fields with medicinal plants, or excursion to the collection greenhouses of the Botanical Garden of the Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice.

Within the subject Good Manufacturing and Laboratory Practice in Production and Control of Medicinal Substances and Medicines, students can deepen their knowledge in the field of Slovak and EU legislation regarding the production and control of medicines.

The subject Production of Medicinal Plants introduces students to the principles of cultivation technology and processing of medicinal plants. It emphasizes the connection between abiotic and biotic factors in relation to the quantity and quality of the obtained drugs.

The subject Plants with Toxic Effects teaches about domestic as well as foreign plant species that can cause symptoms of poisoning in humans due to their constituents.

The aim of Work with Sources of Information subject is to teach students how to use correct sources of professional or scientific information which are useful not only in the creation of their diploma or rigorous theses but also represent an essential part of scientific publications.