Organisation structure

Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmacognozy and Botany

Characteristics of the department

Department of Pharmaceutical Technology was established in 2013 by division of the original Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmacy and Social Pharmacy into two separate departments. Department provides the teaching of a mandatory course Dosage forms and galenics, which is directly followed by the state exam Pharmaceutical technology. It also ensures teaching of optional course Good manufacture and laboratory practice in the production and quality control of medicaments for students, who have the ambition to realize in the field of drug production. Knowledge about manufacturing processes and manufacturing techniques of different drug forms is essential for future pharmacists and defines the distinctive nature of the medical profession of the pharmacist. It is thanks to them that the knowledge of the pharmacist about drugs is complex. Another aspect is the practical skills in the preparation and manufacture of drugs that future pharmacists gain at the department. The scientific research activity of the department is focused on the use of clay minerals (halloysite, bentonite, zeolite, kaolinite) as pharmaceutical excipients. Furthermore, it deals with technologies and pharmaceutical excipients that allow the controlled release of active ingredients from drug forms.