Organisation structure

Department of nutrition, dietetics and animal breeding

Teaching activities

Institute of Nutrition, Dietetics and Feed Production

The education is realized in the study programs the General veterinary medicine, the Feed and food safety, the Cynology, the Human – animal relationship and its use in canistherapy and hippotherapy. The teaching of subjects is performed in the form of lectures, practical exercises at the institute or in the production enterprises. The content of educational material is interlocked. It starts from the knowledge of plant biology and cultivation, feed production, preservation, technological modification for the increase of nutritional and dietetic value. The study continuous with the insertion of knowledge into the process of feeding of livestock and companion animals and the assessing of their nutritional and dietary value in relation to production health.

General veterinary medicine:
  • Feed plant biology and toxic plants
  • Nutrition and feeding of animals
  • Feed quality control and production health of animals
Joint study programme Animal Science:
  • Nutrition

Institute of Animal Husbandry

Teaching is provide during the summer as well as winter semester for five study programs in Slovak and for two courses in the English language. The aim of the training is to provide students with theoretical and practical knowledge of development, farming, and study of morphology and utility properties of the livestock.

General veterinary medicine:
  • Animal husbandry and technology of animal production
Joint study programme Animal Science:
  • Animal husbandry

Institute of breeding and diseases of game and fish

Teaching is done in the form of lectures and practical exercises, which are held in the practical rooms of the institute as well as in the field, especially in the specialized facility of the University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Rozhanovce.

General veterinary medicine:
  • Breeding and diseases of game and fish I.
  • Breeding and diseases of game and fish II.
  • Cynology
  • Hunting
  • Fishery