Organisation structure

Department of nutrition, dietetics and animal breeding

Diploma theses

Institut of nutrition, dietetics and plant husbandry

Diploma theses:
  • Evaluation of rumen fermentation capacity of dairy cows
  • Analysis of the buffer capacity of feeds, feed ration and rumen
  • Monitoring of the nutritional properties of silages and haylages in the Slovak Republic
  • Biological control of the nutritional level in the lowland production area
  • The effect of the ensiling process on the change of the buffer capacity of feeds
  • The intestinal digestibility of rumen non-degradable proteins in the feeds for ruminants
  • Concentrations of selected mineral substances in the animal – plant relationship
  • Effect of the vegetation stage on digestibility and production efficiency of clovers
  • Monitoring of mineral substances in feeds for dairy cows
  • Analysis of rumen digestibility of NDF in relation to energy evaluation NEL in feeds and feed rations
  • Determination of the digestibility of nitrogenous substances of various types of granulated feeds for dogs in vitro
  • Evaluation of the fermentation process and the maintenance of water-soluble sugars in silage
  • Effects of supplemental humic substances on diet on performance and serum parameters in monogastric animals
  • Evaluation of nutrient digestibility in different categories of commercially produced feeds for dogs with the balance method
  • Monitoring of the nutritional status and the selected metabolic parameters of bitches after ovariohysterectomy
  • System of the control and the nutritional prevention in a sheep breeding
  • Urea in milk as a marker for assessing the nutritional level of dairy cows
  • Analysis of the influence of feed additives on the production and selected metabolic parameters of pigs
  • Evaluation of feeds and compound feeds for pigs based on the in vitro digestibility of nutrients
  • Nutritional regulation of the rumen metabolism
  • Analysis of the quality of fermentation process in the traditional types of silages
  • Effect of feed additives on the level of fermentation process in pig faeces
  • Monitoring of the milk production potential of alfalfa
  • Enzyme inhibitors in soy products in the relation to a way of technological processing and the content in an original raw material
  • Effect of additives on the production parameters and the quality of products for poultry
Bachelor theses:
  • Dynamics of changes of carotene content in alfalfa (Medicago sativa) depending on the vegetation stage
  • Changes of tocopherol content in alfalfa (Medicago sativa), depending on the vegetation stage
  • Concentration of carotene in silages with a higher dry matter content, depending on the preservation method and storage time
  • Technological procedures for the increase of the nutritional and dietetic value of legumes
  • Plant extracts as feed additives for pig diets
  • Botanical structure and the chemical composition of selected cereal grains in the relation to nutrient digestibility and animal nutrition
  • The occurrence of fungi and their secondary metabolites in silages from the point of view of a feed safety
  • Selected aspects of the production and use of feed yeasts for farm animals
  • Microbial proteins for feed production, as alternative of plant and animal sources
  • Feed components and commercially available feeds used in the nutrition of dogs
  • Probiotics and their use in the nutrition of dogs
  • Protein feeds used in dog diets
  • Home prepared diets for dogs
  • Proteins in the nutrition of dogs
  • Specifics of the nutrition and the feeding of older dogs
  • Nutrition and its effect on diseases of oral cavity of dogs
  • Principles of nutrition of bitches during lactation
  • Feedstuffs used in the horse nutrition

Institute of Animal Husbandry

  • Effect of flight load on the changes of health status and selected biochemical parameters in racing pigeons
  • Prevalence and etiology of mastitis in herds of dairy cows
  • Analysis of racing methods and the health status of carrier pigeons during the racing season
  • Study of exterior changes of selected breeds of rabbits
  • Comparison of the effects of laser therapy on the wound healing of dogs
  • The influence of micro-environment on the development of fish fetus in selected species of aquarium fishes
  • Development of bacterial microflora and the change of health status of the young carrier pigeons during the race season
  • Effect of intramammary infection caused by staphylococci and streptococci on the health status of sheep and changes in milk
  • The relationship between milk production and reproductive parameters of dairy cows
  • Effectiveness of prophylactic programs in the breeding of carrier pigeons
  • Changes of bacterial microflora in carrier pigeons during the race season
  • Mastitis pathogens isolated from samples of milk from dairy cows kept in marginal areas of Slovakia
  • Malondialdehyde level and some enzymatic activities in subclinical and clinical mastitis in dairy ruminants
  • Study of exterior changes of selected utility and exhibition breeds of pigeons
  • Oxidative status and biochemical responses to a non-standard training in of horses utilized for police hippology
  • The biofilm production of Staphylococcus spp. isolated from milk of ruminants
  • Asian spitz dogs - their use and breeding
  • Dachshunds and Terriers - their role in hunting
  • Comparison of breeds Hucul, Hafling, their use and breeding
  • The perspective of ruminant breeding in marginal regions of Slovakia

Institute of breeding and diseases of game and fish

Diploma theses:
  • The current state of ichthyophauna and parasitophauna of invasive fish species in the waters of Slovakia
  • Development of the venison production and the yields of game from brown hare (Lepus europeus) in Slovakia
  • Effect of endoparasites on the health status of mouflon animals in intensive farming
  • Parasitic diseases affecting the performance of hunting dogs
  • Parasitophauna of salmonid fishes from the intensive and extensive breedings in Slovakia
  • Comparison of the effect of selected active substances in the antiparasitic pastures of horses
Bachelor theses:
  • Breeding and utilization of giant schnauzer in Slovakia
  • Breeding and utilization of small schnauzer in Slovakia
  • Memorial of Gustave Cmark
  • Mondioring
  • Memorial of Milena Štěrbová - international all-round examinations of bloodhounds
  • Memorial of František Siget
  • Crufts - the most prestigious and biggest dog exhibition
  • Czech schnauzer
  • Top agility events
  • Breeding and utilization of medium schnauzer in Slovakia
  • Belgian shepherd
  • European sledge dog and its application in the modern sled sports
  • The effect of animotherapy on the quality of life in the Seniors facility in Cemjata
  • Comparison of the most common problems in the education and training of dogs coming from different types of environment
  • Nosework - a new kind of dog sport
  • Deafness of dogs - the reasons of genesis and the possibilities of education and training of so affected dogs
  • Trial of shepherds
  • Crustacean parasites - the main problem of Norwegian aquaculture
  • Endohelminths of loaches from genus Cobitis
  • Differences in morphology and epizootology of ecotypes in genus Sabanejewia
  • Therapy of fish helminthosis in intensive aquaculture systems
  • Sexual behaviour of fish from genus Poecilia
  • African Swine Fever in wild boar
  • Chronic wasting disease (CWD)
  • Parasitic diseases of rainbow trouts (Oncorhynchus mykiss, Salmoniformes) in aquaculture of Central Europe