Organisation structure

Clinic of Ruminants

Teaching activities

Teaching activity includes both theoretical and practical teaching of obligatory subjects: Diseases of Ruminants diseases which includes all main specialties, i.e. internal medicine, surgery, orthopaedics, reproduction, andrology and artificial insemination, and the obligatory subjects Andrology and Artificial insemination, Propedeutics, and Herd health management. The teaching of practical exercises for ruminant diseases is carried out in the form of demonstrations of patients in a clinical auditorium, exercises at surrounding farms (examination of diseased animals, blood and other biological material, pregnancy detection, application of drugs, orthopaedics, treatment of puerperal diseases, etc.). In the last semesters of study, the teaching of Diseases of ruminants has the form of block practical exercises, which take place at the University Farm in Zemplínska Teplica. Students can also gain practical experience in diagnostics of metabolic disorders within the compulsory optional subject. An important part of student education is clinical practice, which is carried out under the conditions of clinical premises (examination rooms, housing and laboratories) and through mobile clinic excursions to surrounding farms.

General veterinary medicine:
  • Diseases of ruminants
  • Andrology and Artificial insemination
  • Propedeutics
  • Herd health management
  • Diagnostics of metabolic disorders
Animal Science:
  • Veterinary clinical sciences
  • Basics of laboratory diagnostics