Organisation structure

Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Biophysics

Characteristics of the department

Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Biophysics is educational, scientific and research workplace of UVMP. It provides teaching of chemical, biochemical and biophysical obligatory and compulsory optional subjects (COS) for all study programmes with an exception of Cynology as well as Market and Food Quality. Research activities of the department depend on the research aims of individual institutes and are focused to biochemical research with its application in veterinary medicine, toxicology and pharmacy studying biochemically active substances, their isolation and analysis. Department is divided into four institutes:

Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The Institute provides the education of chemistry subjects of the study programme Pharmacy, which are the bases for another pharmaceutical subjects. The scientific research is focused on monitoring the effects of modification of growth conditions on volume of medical and biologically active compounds in mushrooms strains Cordyceps (Fr.) Link. It deals with qualitative and quantitative characterization of particular chemical substances, clinical application of this parasitic fungi and subsequent biological and pharmaceutical effect. The research is also focused on determination of additives (preservatives, sweeteners, dyes) in pharmaceutical products, study of nanoporous systems as carriers of drugs and synthesis, antioxidant activity of silver nanoparticles prepared on plant–extracts bases.

Institute of Medical Chemistry

Institute of Medical Chemistry provides education of chemical subjects (including the study in English language) as a basis for further medical, pharmaceutical and nutrition sciences. The research activity is primarily oriented to the oxidative stress as a result of xenobiotics (heavy metals, pesticides, pharmaceuticals) action. Changes in food properties as Maillard reactions consequence represent another area of the research.

Institute of Biochemistry

Institute of Biochemistry performs education in biochemistry, pathological biochemistry and clinical biochemistry including education in English language. In the research work the team of institute is interesred in the field of enzymology, proteomics and metabolomics.

Institute of Biophysicis

Team of teachers in Institute of Biophysics performs tuition of biophysical subjects (including study in English language) that form a base for subsequent basic, pre-clinical and clinical subjects in medical and pharmaceutical study programmes at UVMP. Research activities of institute members are focused on study of prospective anticancer agents in photodynamic therapy with emphasis on an explanation of mechanism of action. We also deal with research of the interactions of some pesticides with important biomacromolecules such as DNA, or serum albumins.