Organisation structure

Department of Biology and Physiology

Diploma theses

Workplace of Biology, Zoology and Radiobiology

Pharmacy - diploma theses:
  • Comparison of veno-pharmaceuticals from the point of view of EBM (Richard Galajda, DVM., PhD.)
  • Pharmacotherapy of heart failure (Richard Galajda, DVM., PhD.)
  • Pharmacological and non-pharmacological options to improve compliance in the hypertensive patient (Richard Galajda, DVM., PhD.)
  • Possibilities of using moist wound therapy in postoperative patients (Katarína Beňová, Assoc. Prof., DVM., PhD.)
  • Therapy options in head and neck cancer (Alexandra Valenčáková, Assoc. Prof., DVM., PhD.)
  General Veterinary Medicine - diploma theses:
  • Effect of alcohol on gene expression of selected cytochrome P450 in developing liver (Lenka Luptáková, Assoc. Prof., DVM., PhD.)

Workplace of Genetics

General veterinary medicine - diploma theses:
  • Detection of chromosomal aberrations after combined exposure to pesticides (Martina Galdíková, DVM., PhD.)
  • Incidence of malignant hyperthermia in dogs.  (Martina Galdíková, DVM., PhD.)
  • Effect of pesticide on the induction of chromosomal aberrations. (Martina Galdíková, DVM., PhD.)
  • Prevalence of hereditary diseases in selected breeds of horses. (Beata Holečková, Assoc. Prof., Dr., PhD.)
  • Possibilities of DNA diagnostics of hereditary retinal diseases in dogs. (Beata Holečková, Assoc. Prof., Dr., PhD.)
  • Study of the effect of the pesticide acetamiprid on the methylation of the bovine GSTP1 gene. (Jana Halušková, Dr., PhD.)
  • Analysis of apoptotic changes in bovine lymphocytes in vitro after exposure to the insecticide acetamiprid. (Viera Schwarzbacherová, DVM., PhD.)
Cynology - bachelor thesis:
  • Hereditary diseases of Newfoundland dogs. (Martina Galdíková, DVM., PhD.)
  • Heredity of reproductive traits in dogs. (Martina Galdíková, DVM., PhD.)
  • Hereditary blood diseases of dogs. (Martina Galdíková, DVM., PhD.)
Animal science - bachelor thesis:
  • Genetic diseases of skeletal tissue in cattle. (Jana Halušková, Dr., PhD.)
  • Modern reproductive biotechnologies and their application in dogs. (Jana Halušková, Dr., PhD.)

Workplace of Physiology

General Veterinary Medicine - diploma theses:
  • The effect of xylene intoxication on the mouse uterus. (Radoslava Vlčková, Assoc. Prof., DVM, PhD.)
  • Effects of venom of selected snake species of the genus Crotalus observed in an animal model (Vladimír Petrilla, DVM, PhD.)
  • Regulation of the apoptosis process by selected natural and chemical substances. (Zuzana Andrejčáková, DVM, PhD.)
Post BSc. – diploma theses
  • Effect of obesity on the proliferation and apoptosis in the mouse uterus. (Radoslava Vlčková, Assoc. Prof. DVM, PhD.)
CANHIP – full-time form - bachelor theses:
  • Functional characteristics of the horse's muscular system. (Silvia Ondrašovičová, DVM, PhD.)

Workplace of Pathological Physiology

Pharmacy - diploma theses:
  • Pharmacotherapy of multiple sclerosis. (Prof. Zita Faixová, DVM, PhD.)
  • Treatment of arterial hypertension. (Prof. Zita Faixová, DVM, PhD.)
  • New trends in obesity pharmacotherapy. (Prof. Zita Faixová, DVM, PhD.)
  • Current treatment procedures for alopecia areata. (Prof. Zita Faixová, DVM, PhD.)
  • Changes in biochemical and hematological parameters in sled dogs before and after the Race. (Prof. Zita Faixová, DVM, PhD.)
  • Diabetes mellitus in pregnancy. (Prof. Zita Faixová, DVM, PhD.)
  • Biological treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases. (Prof. Zita Faixová, DVM, PhD.)
  • Prescription of local corticoids in otolaryngology. (Prof. Zita Faixová, DVM, PhD.)
  • Therapeutic alternatives for cancer in humans. (Zuzana Maková, DVM, PhD.)
  • Impetigo and its current therapeutic alternatives. (Zuzana Maková, DVM, PhD.)
  • Glaucoma and its current therapeutic alternatives. (Zuzana Maková, DVM, PhD.)
  • The effect of pulsed and continuous application of synbiotics on the dynamics of mucus production in the intestinal tract of chickens. (Renáta Szabóová, Assoc. Prof. DVM, PhD.)
  • The effect of stress on the immune system of dogs. (Renáta Szabóová, Assoc. Prof. DVM, PhD.)
  • Methods of FeLUTD syndrome therapy in cats. (Renáta Szabóová, Assoc. Prof. DVM, PhD.)
  • Possibilities of pharmacotherapy of uterine leiomyomas. (Renáta Szabóová, Assoc. Prof. DVM, PhD.)
Doctoral theses (Pharmacology):
  • Novel therapy of Crohn´s disease. (Prof. Zita Faixová, DVM, PhD.)
  • Novel therapy of open- angle glaucoma. (Prof. Zita Faixová, DVM, PhD.)
  • Possibilities of influencing the oral microbiota in clinical practice. (Prof. Zita Faixová, DVM, PhD.)
  • Efficacy of ruxolitinib treatment for primary myelofibrosis and polycythemia vera. (Zuzana Maková, DVM, PhD.)
  • Methods of diagnosis and pharmacotherapy of reflux disease of the esophagus in adult patients. (Renáta Szabóová, Assoc. Prof. DVM, PhD.)
  • Botulinum toxin therapy strategy in patients with cervical dystonia. (Renáta Szabóová, Assoc. Prof. DVM, PhD.)
Post BSc – diploma theses:
  • Canine anal sac desease. (Prof. Zita Faixová, DVM, PhD.)
Animal science – bachelor theses:
  • Structure and function of bones and joints in species. (Prof. Zita Faixová, DVM, PhD.)
  • A review of metabolic and/or nutritional disorders associated with food preservatives in dogs and cats. (Prof. Zita Faixová, DVM, PhD.)